How Casel Marché Came To Be

A lot of people ask how Casel Marché came to be and what role Niklas Group played in its creation. It all came down to our pursuit of lifestyle.

“Lifestyle.” It’s a word we see a lot these days in real estate ads and community marketing pieces, and for good reason. People today crave balance – less work and more play, less stress and more fun, less ‘daily grind’ and far more time pursuing their passions with the people they love.

At Niklas Group, this quest for balance drives and inspires us, and it resides at the core of our vision for Casel Marché.

The Niklas Group family lives, works and plays in Calgary’s inner city. We have a special fondness for the energy and intimacy of the Richmond/Knob Hill and Killarney neighbourhoods but we’ve been perennially disappointed by its limited, widely scattered options for good shopping, dining and wine selection. From visits to Europe, we’ve imported strong ideas about how communities can thrive on social energy and shared experiences – ideas that formed the foundation as we began to formulate Casel Marché.

We worked diligently to find someone willing and able to create a food market, restaurant and coffee shop on the ground level of our new Casel mid-rise condominium tower. But then we got thinking, “Who better to bring the vision to life than the folks who formed the vision in the first place?”

After creating Market 17 and Vie Café, we partnered with Gilles Brassart to open Cassis Bistro. He, in turn, put together an amazing team led by executive chef Dominique Moussu to provide Calgary with a true bistro experience (and in the first two years of business it has won numerous city and national restaurant awards!). We then sought to attract the best of the best to the market, with great success. We have the best organic (and local, when possible) produce in the city, we're often told. Sunworks, Hoven and Silver Sage farms provide us with the best Alberta organic, free range and grass-fed meats. Aviv Fried the Sidewalk Citizen Bakery mastermind brings us amazing breads. Last but not least, J. Webb Wine Merchant, a quiet Calgary icon that's been around since the mid 1980s, opened shop in the Marché to bring an incredible selection of quality, unique and value-driven wines to the neighbourhood. This is a boutique wine shop at its very best, providing fine wines for every budget and palate.

To Niklas Group, Casel Marché is far more than a business venture. It’s about breathing new life into a great community and bringing together friends and neighbours. It’s about supporting local businesses and being part of a bigger movement to keep the spirit of the boutique business alive and well. It’s about creating enduring value for residents and neighbours of the Casel condominiums.

Above all, it’s about nurturing an inner-city lifestyle beyond compare.